January Updates

I haven’t checked the Dizzywood blog in quite a while, and it was just today when I noticed that there are several new entries in their blog. They’re under the tag “flashbacks”, and are about old features that were in Dizzywood. They also include a link to a flickr account that has a lot of concept art, which is really interesting to see. Feel free to check it out for yourself! Just head over to the Dizzywood blog and click the “Concept Art” entry.

Original Presto’s Edge – Dizzywood

There isn’t much else to report, but, as always, I’m amazed that they still update their blog. That means that there’s at least one person who works on Dizzywood and cares about the user base. Although it is very unlikely that Dizzywood will come back some day, it’s still good to show your support. So, make sure to head over to their blog and write comments! As always, I’ll continue updating this blog whenever I see anything new.

– Lolly


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Hey Everyone!

Hey guys, I don’t know if you remember me or not but I am Cheerio710. I played Dizzywood. I miss it a lot… I am going to be helping Lolly out! You know with new info about DW coming back and all.

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Past Winter Festival

On December 30th, 2012, Dizzywood updated their blog!

It’s a very short article about the Winter Festival, which occurred around Christmas time when Dizzywood was open. Sadly, the article doesn’t say anything about a potential revival. However, most sites don’t update after they close. Dizzywood still even has a .com to their url, which means they’re paying for that (although, it’s not too expensive compared to operating the servers).  This could definitely mean we might see more of Dizzywood, whether it be a full revival of the site or just something small (other than the app?). Hopefully, they’ll post another article in the next few months!

Keep up the fan support, and I’m sure the Dizzywood Staff will notice. Again, I’ll update this blog when there’s something new.

Thanks for reading!

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Dizzywood App

On October 10, 2012, Dizzywood posted a new app on itunes (and perhaps it’s available on android devices?). You can check it out here:  https://itunes.apple.com/app/id556960773?mt=8

The game is basically like bejeweled, you’re moving the diamonds to get 3+ in a row and win, ‘saving the swamp’. There’s a lot of the old dizzywood charm, like the monster cartoons at the top of the screen. The game isn’t that extensive, but it’s a great addition! Dizzywood hasn’t had news in months, and now there’s a new app available! They haven’t posted anything on their blog yet, which is surprising. I’d expect them to promote the app, but maybe they just haven’t had the time to yet. Hopefully we’ll hear some news soon!

Anyway, this also shows that this might be what dizzywood was talking about in the last blog article. The two pictures that looked like trolls seem to actually belong to the swamp theme, with their frog-like skin. Maybe playing longer into the game reveals something about them? If anyone does finish it, please post here with any details! It’d help a lot ❤

Also, just to add something. In the blog article, it seems like the month of October is pretty important. The scarecrows are kinda of Halloween-esque, so maybe there’s something more to this? Perhaps we’ll see a new update on October 31st next week? Whatever it is, I’m excited to see what’s coming next for dizzywood!

I’ll continue to keep this blog updated. (: If anyone knows anything about the app, please comment!

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The Rumors

So, as everyone knows now, the April 23rd rumor was false. There hadn’t been any word on the re-opening of dizzywood, so how could someone know the release date? Please don’t believe in any rumors you hear (like the May 12/13 date), because they’re never really true, sadly. D: We can only trust the official news on their blog.

There are so many people still supporting Dizzywood! If we all want it back, we have to show our support even more. Post comments on their blog! Send them emails! Start a petition! Do anything you can to show that we won’t let Dizzywood fade away and die like so many other virtual words. If we all do this, Dizzywood might stand a chance at coming back. We might get some more news, which would be amazing. Hopefully they’ll see just how many people miss the site. ❤


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Something New?

So, as promised, I’d post here if there was anymore dizzywood news. On dizzywood’s blog, they posted a strange picture that they said is a sneak peak for something we’ll be seeing soon. Here it is!


It’s concept art of something, but I’m not sure what. They look like monsters, one male, one female. It also looks like dizzywood’s regular art style. But, what could it mean? Hopefully we’ll get some more dizzywood-related news soon! I wonder what they’re planning… I have some ideas that I might post soon, but I’d love to hear some of yours! ❤


January 16, 2012 at 9:22 am 9 comments

More Dizzywood News!

A few days ago I decided to see if there was any news about dizzywood,  and instead of coming across the usual broken url, I noticed something quite different. After many months, the dizzywood creators finally announced some news about the now-dead virtual world. They’re actually looking for ways to bring dizzywood back, although it doesn’t seem as if they will bring back the whole game. They say in “some way, shape or form” which could mean anything! Maybe they’re thinking of creating an official forum or blog of some sort. Whatever it is, I’m really glad we’re still hearing news about dizzywood, and that the creators haven’t given up on us yet! Keep going strong everyone! I’ll post on this blog if I hear anymore news.


~ Lolly ❤

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